The tech industry’s culture crisis = your career crisis.

Right now you might be feeling like you take on endless responsibilities at work but nobody really sees you. Your ideas aren’t taken seriously, but when Sam from Sales says it, suddenly it’s genius. You might be looking up the ladder, seeing an all-white boys’ club and wondering how you can progress your career to where you want to be. You might be wondering how to build armor to resist the toxic culture around you. Or you might be afraid of getting lost in the shuffle. Maybe you are an ally trying to figure out the best way to support the people around you to thrive in creating a more welcoming tech culture. Most of all, you are wondering if you’re the only one who feels this way.

You’re not alone. Plenty of people recognise the toxic culture in the tech industry. This industry needs refreshing and rebuilding so it’s open to everyone. You alone cannot change the culture of an entire industry (and I wouldn’t ask you to!), but you CAN change how you respond to the unique challenges that you face every day. The potential for success is there: the tech industry can be a great place to create a career that meets your needs. When it works, tech and digital careers offer flexible working practices, high salaries, and opportunities to truly innovate. It is possible to build YOUR best career here.

Despite the challenges in the tech industry, you can take your career to the next level.

You might be looking for ways to to find your confidence, speak up, navigate difficult people, set boundaries, and rise to the challenges in your career. You might be craving a voice for change in the industry, you might be looking for the leadership that you’d like to see–and you might be wondering if you could become that person.

I’m here to help you not only survive this environment, but to flourish. I’m here to help you take things to a whole new level.

How we’ll do it

As part of my community support and volunteering work, I’m currently offering two pro-bono ways to get three hours of coaching with me: you can ‘pay’ me in hours through Economy of Hours, or you can donate an amount of your choice (I suggest a minimum of £20 per session) to a charity. Everybody wins!

What do you get for your free-as-in-beer payment of hours, or donation to charity?

  • 3 one-on-one virtual sessions. This is a zone of psychological safety for you to explore your biggest fears, hopes and challenges. Peek into the future and see the best version of yourself–the one you want to be. Define goals to get you there.
  • A recording of each session. Yours to keep forever–review for further insights between sessions or celebrate how far you’ve come since day one.
  • A personalised intake exercise. Helps clarify your thinking, sharpen your sense of direction, and gets you in the change mindset, visualising the future you want for yourself.
  • Your action plan from each session. To keep the momentum of moving towards your goal. Getting you excited about taking risks, stepping outside your comfort zone, and learning from experimentation (Fail fast!)
  • Reflection nudges to keep you motivated before each session. Getting you in the coaching headspace so you’re ready to go when we start our session.

Sound good to you? Reach out via the intake form below…

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Past clients have said…

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Want more than three hours with me to work towards your goal? Contact me for information on my rates for 6 or 10 session packages.

Wondering if coaching is right for you?

Should you be looking for a coach, a mentor, a consultant? Coaching has a forward-looking, goal-oriented focus and an emphasis on the client finding solutions within themselves using inner resourcefulness and creativity. Consulting, mentoring and training are opportunities for the client to acquire knowledge, advice, guidance, solutions, or skills from an experienced expert. Counselling and therapy are often in response to painful past events with the emphasis on healing or moving away from an undesired emotional state.

The purpose of coaching is to help clients specify for themselves what they want, become aware of previously unrecognised options and choices, develop appropriate strategies, and move towards these outcomes. If you’re ready to take action to build a career that fits your vision of the best possible future, this is for you.

Work with Me (2) 

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