Sometimes working in the tech industry can feel like trying to survive in extreme conditions.  Clashes in working styles, challenges with work-life balance, bias in hiring and promotions that overlook talented people… The tech industry is in a culture crisis for recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce that can serve the full range of its customers’ needs.  

I’m here to help you not only survive this environment, but to flourish.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash.

Despite all its challenges, the tech industry can be a great place to forge a career that works for you.  At its best, it offers the opportunity to innovate, flexible working practices, rapid advancement, and good money.  The potential is there, waiting for you to step forward and build your ideal tech career.

Caitlin E McDonald

I work with tech and digital professionals who are proactive about making changes within themselves, their careers, and tech culture.

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