Self-Discovery Workshops

Your Inner Imps

A Creative Workshop

Gremlins. Vampire Voices. Monsters. There are many names for these inner critical voices which get in our way.

In this intensive hands-on group workshop, you’ll spend four hours taking a playful and creative approach to getting to know your ‘inner imps’.  How do they hold you back? How do you recognise when they’re starting to appear? What are the good intentions behind the inner imps?  And most importantly, how can we accept these unwanted parts of ourselves and learn to make them an integral part of our best selves?

At the end of four hours, you’ll leave with:

  • A basic understanding of needle felting, a fabric art which creates small sculptures out of wool.
  • Your very own personally handcrafted imp.
  • A needle felting kit for you to keep creating representations of your inner imps.
  • Deepened self-awareness through learning to recognise your imps, your typical coping strategies when you experience an imp, and exploring new ways of being with your imps.


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