Be a Tech All-Star


Use this worksheet to identify three key steps to enable you to step forward into a tech career that works for you.  

This is for you if…

  • You’re sick of feeling drained by taking on too much, yet never quite feeling like you’re in control of your career.
  • You yearn to find your voice and have your ideas recognised.
  • You’ve lost touch with your sense of self-worth.  
  • You’re an ally trying to understand what your team members are colleagues are struggling with–and how you can help them succeed.  

This free resource will walk you through three key problem scenarios people face in tech careers.  It’ll show you how to turn those pain points into opportunities for you to level up.  This worksheet will give you three activities you can do to feel more confident, in control, and valued.  This is the first step to building the tech career that works for you.

Caitlin E McDonaldI’m a coach helping tech and digital professionals level up into their ideal career future so they can shift tech culture forward, making better products for everyone.  I’ve got over 10 years of award-winning experience researching digital communities and helping tech companies understand what their customers do and what motivates them. 

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Be a Tech All-Star

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