Caitlin E McDonaldAs a high school dropout with a PhD, I’m no stranger to forging a unique career path. I grew up in a household where my mother travelled the world selling some of the world’s first computerised voice response systems and my father was a toy inventor (yes, you read that right!) From my inspiring parents I learned that there is no one ‘right’ way to do a career–there is only the right way to do YOUR career.

My PhD research on digital communities led to a career in customer insights for the largest online community of teachers in the world.  I’m currently a digital anthropologist  for a leading tech industry research and strategy advisory organisation. I’ve presented award-winning research on digital cultures and how to measure the connectedness of digital communities at conferences like Mozilla Festival and the Oxford Internet Institute’s Connected Life series. My work as a researcher is often the hinge between the people using products and the people building them, giving me a unique insight into culture inside and outside of technical teams. This allows me to see the massive potential AND the huge challenges for people working in the tech industry.

After focusing on digital audiences for many years, I realised that my abilities for deeply understanding people and my passion for continuous improvement put me in an ideal position to help my industry peers build careers that have choice, purpose and direction in this challenging landscape. In 2017 I completed a 120-hour ACSTH coach training programme through Coaching Development in London. I’m a member of the International Coach Federation and I am currently working towards my credential as an Associate Certified Coach.

I’m a committed activist for greater social and economic inclusion in all areas of my life and work: I’m a founding trustee of Ellpha, a charity that promotes gender equality through harnessing the power of AI. Most of all I’m interested in how people can do more of their best, whether that’s through building amazing digital solutions to make everyone’s work and lives easier or through a process of continuous personal development and growth–coaching.

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You’ll develop the tools and inner resources to approach your career with courage, independence and a renewed sense of personal authority. Step forward into the career you want to have.

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