What kind of relationship do you have with endings?  Do they make you sad?  Are they an opportunity for new beginnings?  Do you like to rush off quickly and leave one phase behind or do you prefer to linger?

Good or bad, all of life’s experiences come to an end.  While we all know this intuitively there are many experiences of ending that we don’t typically prepare for: a friendship becoming less close, finishing a project or rotating to a new team at work, letting a hobby fade.  Accepting that endings are a natural part of life and figuring out how to prepare for them with a spirit of openness and gratitude can make endings a richer experience.

Preparing for the ending of our coaching engagements as the last session approaches can also ensure that as coaches and coachees we get the most out of our experience together.

Some questions we can ask to end gracefully include:

  • What patterns do you recognise in yourself around endings?
  • How do you want this (experience, programme, phase, etc) to end?
  • What questions do you have about this ending?
  • What have you learned through this experience?  What do you want to celebrate or recognise in yourself at this ending?
  • Who or what has helped you through your learning?  How would you like to recognise the part they played in your learning?
  • What beginnings are there for you in this ending?
  • What will be important for you before ending this experience to smooth the beginning ahead of you?


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